Can I buy lego from you ?

No, because i need the pieces myself and I am only 13 years old .

Do you make Instructions ?

Yes, I try to make instructions for every model. So you can learn alot !!!!!

What programms do I use to help me and to make Instructions ?

I tend to use GIMP for editing Fotos and LDD to make Instructions.

Can I use your Ideas ?

Yes, but it would be kind if you give me soricklinkme credit.

Do you keep your constructions ?

No, I do not keep them because I need the pieces and I find it is useless if you just keep it on display.

How many pieces do you have ?

I have about 7 000 lego technic pieces.

Where do I get the parts form ?

I get them from Bricklink, Lego and from ebay.

What builders do you recommend ?

I recommend Crowkillers, Sariel, Sheepo and Nico 71.

How long does it take you to build something ?

It depends on my mood. It can take a week or it can take a month. It just depends.


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